Vespa Boot - Red
Vespa Boot - Red

Vespa Boot - Red

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For those with a flair for the dramatics and if soulmates came in the form of shoes, the Vespa wouldprobably be “the one”. Featuring outstanding details from top to toe, the Vespa is anything butsimple. Just like most boots from Koalabi, these boots from the brand\'s latest footwear range are allabout style, comfort and functionality.

The tassles hang from the back of the boots and adorn the zipper in a unique and interesting way. Laces at the front ensure not only a more comfortable fit but adds even more personality to theVespa.The grade A leather that the exterior of the boots are made of is polished to perfection andsheepskin is of course a feature that the Vespa, as do most Koalabi footwear, boasts.

The interior of the boots is lined with 100% genuine sheepskin for a comfortable and luxe feel and if the weather isgetting a little warmer for feet to be covered up so or if you\'re up for a little more attention, theVespa can be folded over at the top for a shorter version of the boots or for a pop of fun and fur.The leather veneer heels are also constructed to be of an appropriate height so if you\'ve tons ofplaces to be at and so little time to get to each one, you can be sure that your feet will not be thevictims of your running around.

With the rubber forepart sole, which are highly durable and cleated,you can also be sure that slippery surfaces will not have you falling over.With the Vespa being such a fun pair, the styling options are limitless but whatever looks you endup piecing together, remember that with the Vespa, it really is all about having fun.


Sheepskin and leather upper

Removable sheepskin insole

Rubber comound sole Leather veneer heel

Strong rear zipper


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